chrisMotorcycles mean a lot to me – a whole lot. In fact, it’s fair to say that rediscovering motorcycling saved my life. The Motorcycle Obsession started as a personal blog back in 2012 – a place for me to put the spinning thoughts of all things two-wheeled, somewhat hidden in plain sight from my wife, who, I thought – incorrectly – wouldn’t support my desire to get back on a bike after more than a decade away from riding. Over the years since then, I’ve had some incredible adventures and TMO has evolved into something entirely different: an online magazine focused on inspiring others to seek out the excitement, freedom, and pure joy that comes from twisting the throttle and setting out for somewhere – anywhere. With a particular fondness for bikes that go far, look cool, or both, TMO is packed with bike reviews, gear reviews, and stories of adventures big and small.
– Chris Cope